Realty Executives NY: Youtube Venture

Everyone seems to be on all the social media in this day and age.  We figured, why not take part in the action? So here is what we did.

Starting roughly a month ago, we launched Realty Executives of New York Youtube channel.  This channel’s purpose is to allow our viewers (buyers, sellers, agents, and all others) the ability to learn important and useful information in today’s market.  The few videos that we have so far cover certain aspects of our company as well as a weekly video, coming out every Monday featuring Peter Karlin, from Mortgage World Bankers.  This set of videos focuses on the mortgage aspect of the home purchasing process.

We hope you check out the videos we post, and give us a thumbs up!  Also subscribe to receive an update whenever we post a new video.

Future Goals:

  1.  Enhance the video Quality and graphics
  2.  Produce videos of substance
  3.  Show a fun side to the home buying and selling process.
  4.  Create an interactive environment for all viewers

Thank you for your time!

-Realty Executives of New York

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