Realty Executives of New York: Agents Business Vision

Before we begin, let me wish you all a Great Monday Morning!  There are quite a few articles out regarding what a real estate agent should do to structure and plan their future business goals.  These plans are what essentially drive and motivate said agent to succeed in this business.  Successful agents know how to create strategies and incorporate tactics into the changing market and adapt to competition.



This process is best created in small simple tasks. It can be compared to learning to ride a bike.  You start off wobbly, unfocused, and excited.  Just like a bicycle, one has to prepare and practice in order to maintain an inevitable balance and structure.  This same model can be used with your business.  Use your excitement to drive and motivate you. Create short term goals that you know you can accomplish and follow them up with more simple goals.  Before you know it, your plan will be well under way.

Let us share our short term goals:

  • Increase our following on all social media by ~20 each month
  • Consistently post relevant information on our blog.
  • Expand our offices throughout the area by increasing our marketing reach
  • Create an environment for our agents where they can create and enact their business plans to succeed.

– Realty Executives of New York


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