How Mobile Marketing can Help You

Mobile Marketing

Why should you be using Mobile Marketing?  In this day and age technology is moving at an accelerated pace and as savvy Real Estate Agents, we must make it our duty to keep up.  A not so recent enhancement has been these mobile sign riders that are placed below the For Sale sign.  It allows for a fast and easy method for the consumer to get a quick look at the property whilst providing you with the lead.  You like Leads, don’t you?

Mobile Marketing Stadium Concept

So how do these sign riders work?  The general idea is that when a potential homebuyer passes the property they are able to text a code to a number and receive a simple text message with pictures, listing price, and the realtors contact information.  When they receive this text, you receive an update to your phone/email regarding an interested party.  You are essentially capturing the telephone number from which you can contact that individual.

At Realty Executives we offer a mobile marketing profile within our Executive Access.  Through our system you have access to twenty-five individualized codes, a fast and easy MLS listing upload, a virtual tour creator, and easy sign rider ordering portal.


It is now even easier to handle all incoming leads and mobile marketing.  With our simple to use dashboard you can control incoming leads, pull reports, and interact with your interested clients.

To learn more about our systems be sure to visit

Interested in changing offices or opening a franchise of your own, call 1-800-305-5001 or email

Realty Executives of New York


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