What to learn from Germany Win: World Cup 2014

What should you take out of Germany’s win of the 2014 World Cup?

The German National Team defeated Argentina, 1-0, in the Final match this Sunday July 13th, 2014, winning their 4th World Cup Title.  So what can we take from their method and style of playing? As realtors we must adapt to the ever changing real estate market.  We are expect to sell faster, find buyers their perfect home/rental.  Let’s take a note from the German team.  They have come close to winning tournaments that last 8yrs but it was not till this year that their goals were achieved.

Germany managed to change their game plan creating a more goal oriented team and a more offensive strategy.  That is what Real Estate Salespersons and Brokers must do.  If the action and plan you have set is not working, start from the beginning. Rethink your strategy and attempt one that even if daunting, will create the best results in the long run.

germany wins

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  So what will your new strategy be? Will you play a more offensive method or will you linger with the one that you currently have set.  In the end your goal should be to expand your business as an entrepreneur.  DO NOT be afraid to look outside the box and achieve greatness.

Congratulations to the German National Team and Good Luck with your future Real Estate Endeavors.

-Realty Executives of New York

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